homeremedies for coronavirus

The year 2020 brought unique and unheard of challenges for entire humanity. Events that occurred during 2020 were so unique that not even the biggest nations could perceive. This was the year when a huge pandemic took all the countries by surprise. This pandemic started from China initially but covered entire world. Coronavirus has taken many lives. It has provenRead More →

home delivery in islamabad

Islamabad is a fun place to be in. Its peaceful quiet and a very beautiful city too. Islamabad is a very small city though and people have very restricted choices to go and eat. If you are a foodie and you crave for food all the time, if you are in search of good quality food at your doorstep thenRead More →

Fruits and their benefits

1) Apple Key benefits of apples Apples, known as a cleansing food, contain fibre, antioxidants and fruit flavonoids. The most important of the flavonoids contained in apples is quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer actions. Apples contain vitamin C as well – more so in green apples than in red ones. Apples can reduce blood cholesterol levels, counterRead More →