naimal khawar khan

Naimal Khawar Khan is among the best dressed actresses of the industry. She is a true beauty with brains. She is the most searched women in Pakistan these days. From Saree to frocks and from frocks to  lehangas Naimal aced all the looks. Naimal Khawar has appeared in many events and left her followers in complete aww. Her dressing styleRead More →

pakistani couples 2020

Pakistan is a developing country so are its people. People are willing to adapt more western inspired concepts of living. Young generation is more open in adoption of western concepts. The educational institutions are also modernising with time and so are the faculties. There are lesser restrictions from the parents and teachers. Our social media also is promoting a newRead More →


Pakistani football team that is in Palestine for friendly matches paid a visit to Al Aqsa mosque on Thursday 15th,  This mosque is situated in the old city of Jerusalem which is under Israeli control. According to the details the players were on way to Al Ram city, a Palestinian town after landing in Amman Jordan,  when they visited theRead More →


Last week, it was reported that nearly 20,000 Pakistani debit cards were compromised. Now, security threat meditating  Group-IB has found out that earlier this week, another huge dump of around 177,878 cards have appeared on the dark web. The major portion of the data has been put on sale on a dark-web site named Joker Stash. Out of the total 150,632 cards belongs toRead More →

tabdeeli ai hay and pakistan

Before, during and after election “Tabdeeli ai hay” went viral.  It was slogan of most popular political party Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf. Its supporters went crazy for this song. This song is still very popular among the youth and the followers of this party. it is a very heart touching song as the people of this country were longing for much wantedRead More →