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Islamabad is a fun place to be in. Its peaceful quiet and a very beautiful city too. Islamabad is a very small city though and people have very restricted choices to go and eat. If you are a foodie and you crave for food all the time, if you are in search of good quality food at your doorstep then this article is a must read.

If you don’t want to go out for any reason and want to deliver the food at your home then here is a list of delivery services according to taste and preference. If you are a burger lover then there are quite a few delivery services that provide burgers at your doorstep. I will list them for you.

  1. Food panda:

They claim that they are “Takeaway food ordering marketplace, with a focus on emerging markets. The food panda group is the leading online food delivery marketplace in emerging markets.”

Food panda is a very convenient way of ordering food online and receiving it at your door step without any hustle. You can order desi food also burgers, pizza’s and anything you can think of. You can choose any restaurant. If you want to order from pizza hut you can order it through food panda and they will get the pizza for you and they will deliver it for you.

Here is a quick link for you.


  1. Food Way:

They are mainly burger’s and roll paratha point . They have several deals which are really economical. You can order good quality burgers and pizza’s from here.

Here is a link for your convenience.


Contact# (051) 2302230

  1. KFC:

KFC is a world renowned food chain. They also deliver food at your door step. They also have several deals.

Here is a link for your convenience.


Contact #111-532-532

  1. McDonalds:

Who does not know about McDonalds? It’s a very famous world renowned fast food restaurant chain. They provide good quality burgers but they are a little less economical as compared to other food chains. But yes it’s good and tastes yum.

There website is as follows:


A McDonald’s Big Mac value meal a arranged for a photo in New York, U.S., on Friday, July 23, 2010. McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain, posted a 12 percent gain in second- quarter profit after attracting more customers with its frappes and smoothies. Photographer: Jin Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images
  1. Fresco:

Although fresco is a local bakery. They also make these roll parathas , burgers, and pizza’s. Their food is also yum and worth trying.

For order you can call:0336 5040300

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