Best Pakistani Food in Karachi

Karachi never fails to amaze its visitors.

Here are some must-visit eateries in Karachi. Delhi Rabrri, United king, etc. Pakistan is the land of opportunities. This country is rich in culture as well. This article is about the Best Pakistani food one must try when visiting Karachi. The people of Pakistan are huge Foodies. Every region in Pakistan offers its unique dishes. This article is about all the delicious food that Karachi has to offer.

Karachi has to offer a tremendous amount of food to its guests. The food is deliciously flavorful. The main places that offer good food are Bahadurabaad, Burns Road, North Nazimabad, Clifton Boat Baisan, Port Grand.

The best Pakistani food outlets in the city of lights(Karachi) are as follows:


Burns Road:

Burns Road is a very famous and busy place. It is famous for shopping wholesale prices. The food chains at Burns Road Karachi are old and not necessarily hygienic. Yet very old and famous dishes are available at affordable prices.

Fresco Bakery Dahi Barray:

Fresco Bakery has a wide variety of treats to offer. Dahi Barray is among the famous dishes so much so that people wait in lines for a long time to get them. The reason for success is mainly that they are old and the bakery is located at a very busy place in Karachi.

Fresco Bakery offers its barray at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Dahi Barray

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Dehli Rabri Karachi:

Dehli Rabri Karachi is famous worldwide. It’s a sweet made from milk that is in condensed and sweetened form. Delhi Rabri has branches all over the city.

Delhi Rabri House

Punjab Lassi House:

This amazing treat is available at Punjab Lassi House. This sweet and delicious drink is made from milk and yogurt. It is also a huge Business that is located at the very heart of Burns Road. Extremely busy road. The best time to visit this place is 1200 noon.

Bahadurabad and Tariq Road

Bahadurabad and Tariq Road both are the center of Karachi. These are very busy places. Tariq Road is famous for shopping for clothes and many food eateries are also located there.

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Rehmat-e-Shereen(Tariq Road):

If you are traveling anywhere either abroad or up North in Pakistan. Rehmat-e-Shereen has got you covered. either you need biscuits or burgers or food takeaways for your relatives. Rehmat-e-Shereen has a huge amount of variety for you to choose from. All of them are famous worldwide.

pakistani food

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Crescent Nimco( Bahadurabad):

Crescent Nimco has a wide variety of pre-cooked items that help in cooking Pakistani Things as Fried onions dried are available at Crescent Nimco. They have fans all over the world too.

crescent Bakery

United King:

United King is among the very well-known bakery in Karachi. It has over 194 bakery products,45 snacks, 51 cake items, and 102 fast food products. These products are available at very reasonable prices. The food items are fresh. The quality of food this bakery has to offer is unmatched.

It has branches all over Karachi.


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Javed Nihari

Javed Nihari is a very famous and old shop where they sell Pakistan’s very famous curry. Their curry is ordered worldwide. People take it to places although it is runny.

Pakistani food

The beautiful city of Karachi has a very vast variety of food chains. This article covers only a few food chains there are many many more.

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