controlling tantrum in kids

Grooming & dealing with child tantrum is one of the biggest challenge for a Pakistani Mom.We have presented some techniques that can help Moms in handling their tantrum kid aka. “Zidi Bacha” 🙂  Kids are your biggest and most valuable assets. You treat them right they end up being a good human being but if you mess it all up orRead More →

Child Development

The importance of reading cannot be denied. It is very important to develop book reading habit in your child from a very early stage. Here we have presented some techniques that can help develop book reading habit  in your child. Read to your child, the right way! Reading has long been considered as of the most psychologically and physically rewardingRead More →

cough cold and flue

Cough cold and flu can strike anybody at any time. Whether it’s seasonal or viral it sure is very painful.  Though, the flu might be common in winters but recently due to the extreme weather changes it is quite as common in the summers as well. Summer cold is not much different than the winter one. Thus there might notRead More →

organize your office

Office is the place where most of us have to go to earn money. It’s a place where we need to have a very fresh, motivated, and creative mind set. Weather we go to office forcefully or it’s our choice to work, we have to be attentive and very much motivated to work otherwise we are not able to provideRead More →