Home remedies for Coronavirus

The year 2020 brought unique and unheard of challenges for entire humanity. Events that occurred during 2020 were so unique that not even the biggest nations could perceive. This was the year when a huge pandemic took all the countries by surprise. This pandemic started from China initially but covered entire world. Coronavirus has taken many lives. It has proven to be a fatal virus those who experience it are true warriors.

Pakistan prepares or vaccine

corona virus oendamic

If you are experiencing some or all the symptoms of this virus you should consult the doctor ASAP. This article will prove to be beneficial for those going through corona. If you are having severe symptoms a hospital visit is a must. in case you are at your own and no medical attention gets to you these remedies will help you sooth the symptoms.

Not everyone was able to get medical attention as all the hospitals were full. Many people with less symptoms were asked to stay at home and rest.

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Some of the symptoms include





Body pains


This article is about all the tried and tested home remedies that would ease the severity of the virus.

The home remedies have no side effects and prove to be very beneficial.


Honey ,Cinnamon powder, ginger juice

All these ingredients are soothing and beneficial for throat.

honey and coughsee also Pakistan’s richest female actresses
Green tea (ginger , cinnamon stick, clove)

Green tea helps clear throat and detoxes your body. Cough is relieved with green tea.

green tea and coronamay also see Pakistan’s new Rocket system


Steam (water and clove)

Gargle with hot water and salt

garges help in clearing coronaworst Pakistani Dramas content wise 2020


Hydrate yourself use more liquids. Juices and Luke warm water is also very beneficial for reducing fever.

fever in corona

Other Remedies:

Boiled eggs

Milk and turmeric powder


All these things warms up your body and increases immunity. If you are feeling cold eggs and soups will warm you up.

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