Pakistani fashion keeps on changing with time. How ever this year has been the year for short frocks and trousers. Summing it all up this year was the year or shalwar kameez ,trousers with short frocks, angrakha shirt with shalwar, trousers along with short shirts. Some women also experimented with patyala shalwar and short shirt. Pakistani celebrities also experimented withRead More →

List of Top schools of Pakistan

Education is the basic right of any citizen of any country. Pakistan is a developing state and is striving hard to provide better education to their children. It is in the fore most agenda of every government of Pakistan. A school is the basic step towards education it is the foundation of every child. Many schools have been established byRead More →

keep the flag high

Too often we Pakistanis are quite busy finding our faults, belittling ourselves and saying to each other “Yaar, Ye Pakistan hai , yahan aise hi chalta hai”, that we fail to recognize that we do have a bright side as well . We underrate the small yet meaningful things which makes us distinguishable from many other nations in the world.Read More →