List of Top schools of Pakistan

Education is the basic right of any citizen of any country. Pakistan is a developing state and is striving hard to provide better education to their children. It is in the fore most agenda of every government of Pakistan. A school is the basic step towards education it is the foundation of every child. Many schools have been established byRead More →

Child Development

The importance of reading cannot be denied. It is very important to develop book reading habit in your child from a very early stage. Here we have presented some techniques that can help develop book reading habit  in your child. Read to your child, the right way! Reading has long been considered as of the most psychologically and physically rewardingRead More →


When taking admission in a university we are most concerned about the ranking of the university. These rankings depict the standard of the university as well as the quality of education provided in it. These rankings also reflect the faculty standard which is most important in order to prosper. If you get good faculty you will get good quality education.Read More →