Top 10 Pakistani Army Songs

Pakistan army is the pride of the nation. It is our strength .The sacrifices of the soldiers of Pakistan are immense and unbeatable. It is working really hard to ensure the peace in the region as well as the country. In every climates or bad times Pakistan Army has always stood fast with the people of the country and helped the people of the nation without caring about their own lives.  It is brave and combatant.

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Kabhi Percham Mein Lipte Hain By Atif Aslam:

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Main Pakistan Hoon

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Naara e Takbir-Allah o Akbar

Dushman ki neend haram


Yaarian By Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar

Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon ko Parhana Hay (APS Peshawar)

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Bara Dushman Bana Phirta hay


Tum Hi say Aye Mujahido

Zameen Jaagti Hai- Atif Aslam 

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