Who are the world’s biggest executioners?

According to the Amnesty International report at least 1,032 people were executed in 23 countries last year dropped down from 1,634 in 2015.

However,  number of death sentences imposed – 3,117 – is a significant increase on the previous year and exceeds the previous highest total recorded in 2014.

China is believed to have carried out more executions last year than rest of the world. But the figures are classified as state secrets.

According to Amnesty some 57 countries retain the death penalty. While 141 countries, or more than two-thirds, have abolished it, either in law or in practice. Despite regressive moves in some grounds, the global trend remains towards abolishing the death penalty.

According to Amnesty countries executing the most people in 2016 are  :

US has dropped down with its figure of 20 people the lowest number recorded since 1991

Hanging is carried out in 14 countries and is the most common method of execution. Shooting is used in eight countries. China, United States and Vietnam all execute prisoners via lethal injection. Saudi Arabia is the only country to use beheading as a method of execution.

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