Whats going on with Rohingya people?

After every few days or months a story about Rohingya people pops out on social media. It’s really upsetting to see images and people being killed and slaughtered brutally. My curious mind took me to go in a little detail on what’s actually happening with these people.

Where are Rohingya people from?

These people are from Burma which is also known as Myanmar which is located in south East Asia. Myanmar shares its borders with India, Thailand, China, Laos, and Bangladesh . The Buddhism is the dominant religion in this country. Although this country has a rich history but there most discussed topic is the Rohingya community and the way this country is treating this community.

Who is treating them badly?

The Rohingya people are constantly treated badly and have face very serious human rights violations by the Burmese nationals who have refused to accept them as there citizen. The Rohingya people have been classified as “among the world’s least wanted” and “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.” But the origin of ‘most persecuted minority’ statement is unclear.

Major problems of Rohingya people:

The Rohingya have been fleeing the Rakhine State by boat to search for jobs in Malaysia and other countries these recent years. Often, the boats are very small and dangerous on the open seas. They don’t have food and shelter and are deprived of their basic necessities. They cannot own land and cannot travel without permission. They have to hide their identity for their survival. They are migrating from their country to Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and other countries mostly illegally as they don’t have their identification or nationality.

Women of Rohingya:

The women of Rohingya are also being badly deprived of their basic rights. They are being raped, kidnapped and killed, no sense of security, no shelter, and no hospitals. They are watching their husbands being killed , their houses being burnt, fathers brothers killed and then divided into pieces. the immense trauma they are going through calls out loud the world’s superpowers for help.  They have no place to live. So much so there dead bodies are also being treated badly.


Children of Rohingya’s:

Children of Rohingya ‘s are the most hit in these conflicts.  They see their parents being slaughtered in front of there eyes. Imagine the trauma they go through every day. They are deprived of food, shelter, clothing , they are not able to go to school.

Rohingya people in Pakistan:

According to the varied sources there are approx 400,000 Rohingya refugees residing in Pakistan. Most of them are settled in Karachi,Sindh. Only a few of them managed to get Pakistani citizenship. According to local reports Rohingya people makeup almost 14% of total Karachi undocumented Immigrants. there culture has similarities with Bangali’s which simplifies language barrier.


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