What happened in Sahiwal, Pakistan? Is CTD guilty?

Pakistan is full of controversy news all the time. All the free media and free social media has resulted in all kind of news either good or bad. The people are free to express anything and everything on the social media. This has resulted in more frequent controversial news all the time. Previously all these news were buried under the rock as people were not able to share them on the oficial channels and there was no social media.

The most recent news that hit the media and social media took all of us to the city Sahiwal. According to The News, a couple identified as Khalil and his wife Nabeela along with their children Areeba, Umair Khalil, Muniba, Hadia and their driver Zeeshan were on the way to Sahiwal.

CTD officials kept changing their statements after the killings. In the beginning they were declared as them child kidnappers, and then they declared them as terrorists.


According to the postmortem report, driver Zeeshan received 10 bullets; father Khalil 13; mother Nabeela Bibi 4 and 13 year old Areeba was shot four times. Umair Khalil was hit six times in his legs, while his younger sister Muniba was injured after being hit with car mirror when it hit road fence. The youngest one, 4 year old Hadia is released from the hospital.


People are expressing their outrage against CTD and CTD officials are quiet. This news became top trending on twitter. The anger of people is so much justified and we support the poor families and the little children of the deceased. Our heart cries with the innocent children who saw their parents getting killed in front of their eyes and all they could do was nothing. The poor children saw their parents dead bodies taken away and mistreated in front of their eyes.

The little children were also mistreated openly. Is this the way the people of Pakistan are treated. People are slaughtered openly in bright day light in front of small children by none other then our own police whom are supposed to protect us.

CTD department has some real serious answers to give. Many more justifications.

Pakistan is asking for Justice. Pakistanis are angry, disturbed.

The young children needs answers and we all demand for JUSTICE.

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