In past five years or so , there has been a major return of the music industry in Pakistan and we are all here for it. From coke studio to numerous other related shows , the pakistani music has taken a new shape and form over the years incorporating all major/modern genres such as alternative , R&B , EDM and indie e.t.c. but this really doesn’t stop here , we have seen emerging ghazal singers , traditional qawwals among those too.
Let’s take a look at a few of those upcoming artists/bands which are giving us hopes for the growth of music industry in coming years.

1- Bayaan (band)

So you might know them from the show “battle of the bands” by Pepsi (or Nescafé basement previously).
The band not only proved themselves among the judges but also to the rest of the world. Originality , devotion and expression through music has been there has been their main objective with hits like”nahi milta”,”farda”.Their hard hitting lyrics with soft music and vocals are bound to get the success they deserve.
pakistani musical bands

2-Mehdi Maloof:

Mehdi Maloof (nominated as the best emerging artist at lux style award) is no new name in the media industry. An upcoming Indie artist from Islamabad . His revolutionary yet simple-worded lyrics are all we could ask for. The captivating aesthetic combined with lyrics hinting towards the issues in the society are surely unmatched in their genre. With songs like “dou he rastehain” and “gandi si building“. Mehdi really brings the problems of today’s world on surface with captivating optimism and great tunes.
mahdi maloof singer


Mooroo (or Taimoor Salahuddin) definitely is not a new name to any of us . But hey !!! the multi talented guy makes amazing music too. After his first album “pehli” (extremely underrated, sadly)released , the vlogger/director has dropped a few singles and featured with other artists as well. His major hit “tasveer” and “mariam” were featured in the hit Pakistani movies “dekh magar pyar se” and “chaley the saath” respectively. The soothing voice with with beautifully written lyrics by mooroo make his music unmatched to any other artist in the country.
taimur sallahudin

4-The Tamashbeens (band)

The indie band which originated from childhood friendship of four boys from Lahore.This band is bound to make it big in the music scene. However the music is greatly inspired by western artists but still manages to get the pakistani essence through their well versed lyrics. Their songs “lighter machis” and “duniya re” will definitely make you play them on repeat!!

5- Shajie

Shajie , the artist from Karachi who is currently redefining pop music in Pakistan is probably not a new name to you. His songs portray the true essence of youth , confusion and rebellion through simple words and metaphors. With almost every song being a hit in the respective genre , Shaji’s music is soft , vocal and somewhat makes you think about the deeper meaning behind those seemingly simple lyrics . In his song “hockey/karachi” he talks about his experience with the city , how he finds the life there e.t.c. the simple lyrics of “battakhein” and sab acha hai” by Shajie are a must-add to your playlist.
shajie music

6-Laqeer ke Faqeer

The husband-wife duo which made their debut in the music industry with the single “mithu donda” is destined to progress. With the lyrics focusing around the everyday faces of the society , economical differences and individual dishonesty and coping with the norms of society without questioning them (as the name.of the band suggests) . The band did a collab with the EDM group SomeWhatSuper for their first song and it definitely didn’t disappoint!!
lakeer kay fakeer

7-Lyari Underground (LUG)

This rap group from Lyari was introduced to the scene by Patari and later got more recognition from Coke Studio (“Rap hai sara rap“) in 2018. The band hailing from Karachi’s poorest areas has proved their worth in the industry. The band found their inspiration in late rapper Tupac Shakur who had grown up in a very similar environment as them. This band has been a role model to a lot of youth of lyari who couldn’t live up to their full potential due to the dangers they were surrounded by . If you are a rap fan , then LUG definitely won’t disappoint you .
lyari underground band

8-Kashmir (the band)

The alternative /indie rock band , previously the winner of Pepsi battle of the bands season 2, took their audience by storm with their distinct vocals ,some amazing lyrics and undeniable stage presence . Their song “kaghaz ka jahaaz” is definitely a must listen . After their success from the competition , the band has released two more songs which are to be a part of their upcoming album.

9-Sikandar ka Mandar

Last but not the least , probably the best upcoming indie band surfacing its way to the charts has to be Sikandar ka Mandar . As the name suggests , the band has put special efforts in keeping the aesthetic of this alive . From pleasing album arts and music videos, the distinctive set up sets them apart from other musicians very well . With their two albums “sikandar ka mandar” and “chattees(36)” . They have surely revolutionized the indie music scene in Pakistan.
skiandar ka mandar

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