Trending dramas on HumTV ,Geo and Ary 2022-23

Trending Pakistani Dramas on Hum TV ,Geo, A.R.Y 2022 and 2023

Pakistani dramas are much awaited and loved in the country. Their popularity is due to the amazing acting skills of the cast. The viewers wait anxiously for the next episode. The exceptional writing and story making skills of polished writers makes the dramas very difficult to anticipate. This article is a list of all the trending dramas on Hum TV, Geo and A.R.Y digital in 2022 and 2023.


Ant-ul-Hayat is on air these days on Hum TV . Its a story of two girls married in the same house. One sister is married relatively happily where the second sisters husband has married twice after constant blackmailing of a girl.

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Sass is playing main evil role in the drama controlling her sons life and bringing another girl in the life of her second son. The story has taken very abrupt turns and people are waiting for the uncovering of complete story.

Bikhray hain hum

Story line of this drama is a little different. Its a love triangle . Our very own Noor Hassan, Zoya Nasir and Nawal Saeed are playing leading role in this drama. This drama is full of romance, love and sadness too. The story takes so many turns from extreme happiness to utter disappointment. People are following this drama and a lot of clips are being shared on Facebook too. Its is currently on air on HUM TV.

bikhray hain hum


Leading the drama Yumna Zaidi is so far unmatched in her style as well as skill. She is acing perfectly and flawlessly through a very challenging role where she is the bread earner and sole provider for her family. This is a story of a strong and independent women who is making her way through the fierce and pitiless male oriented society. The extent of her troubles takes her to the verge of changing her style from a girl to a man. She cuts her hair like men and wear clothes that are manly. This is all done so no one considers her weak and women and she can enable herself to move freely in the male society.

bakhtawar trending drama

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This story is based on a real life girl who had to face so much troubles to earn bread in a manly world. This girl is named Farheen who had to go through almost the same as Bakhtawar is going through.This drama is a very good sign that the dramas that were previously made on worthless topics are now making transition to real life story which is much more inspirational and motivational for all the young girls. By watching these dramas they can feel the independence and ways they can survive in this society.

This drama is currently on air and highly watched on YouTube and Facebook as well.


This drama is on aired by Geo TV. It is a story of a very aggressive ,jealous, and money hungry girl. Howe she destroys her relationship only for that sake of jealousy and greedy nature. The greed lead her to fake her financial status to her In laws. This greed and jealousy wrecked her cousins life and relationships. She is a typical aggressive jealous girl who is a true example of how a girl can ruin the peace of an entire house. makes two brothers hate each other and family system is totally put to stake only with this one girl. Siyani is a depressing and a sad story where that viewers are hating this girl constantly. The followers are waiting for each episode as they want to know what will happen next in this drama.

siyani hum tv


Guddu is a very emotional story line. A young boy who faces divorce of his parents and experiences the changing behavior of his next relations grandma. this drama has captured attention with its amazing story line and the acting of the cast. exceptional role playing done by Fatima Effendi who is the mother of this boy.

Guddu is a emotional roller coaster of a sad little boy who is going through so much difficulties that any kid of his age could never even thinks about. This kid had to leave his mother and father due to very unsympathetic behavior of all the other relations in his life.

He had to beg for food and money, live a life with a beggar girl . He had to face all the hardships that anyone even thinks of.

guddu drama

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