Top Pakistani Dramas with worst Content 2020

Pakistani drama industry is increasing leaps and bounds beyond anyone’s imaginations. Each drama has increased viewership and popularity. Pakistani Drama industry is now more established and successful than ever before. It was not like this earlier. The dramas like Humsafar, Shehr E-zaat ,Ehd e wafa, Diyar e dil have paved the way for success of the entire industry.ayeza khan

This sudden success has brought up new challenges that no one could ever imagine. The producers and the sponsors are pouring big chunks of money into the projects , hiring most expensive and top actors, approaching big writers this is all done to ensure the success of the project. The only thing they are compromising is the content. People are only taking in view the commercial aspect and not thinking the impact that their dramas are going to make on the society.

These money making machines are not realising that they are the representatives of our society people from within the country and outside the country are viewing their content. The content that they are majorly ignoring in the greed for more and more money. They are coming up with the most vulgar and questionable content.

As the year 2020 unfolded we saw dramas like


Pyar kay Sadkay


Mere pas tum ho



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These dramas are nothing but poor content. These dramas are so questionable that people could not bear their content and went to the courts challenging the contents of the dramas. With Heavy hearts it can be said that the judicial system is not that strong in Pakistan and they have gotten away with it easily.


Promoting nothing but lack of trust among the families. Damaging the family system seems to be their prime tasks. Dramas like Nand exploiting the nand-bhabhi relationship they have shown that this nand in the drama is so harmful for the bhabi that all the bhabis needs to be carefull from.


Another drama highlighting the very fact that a girl should not trust her sister the one she has been for the longest time in her life. The drama none other then Jalan. This is not only a controversial topic but far beyond our imagination. This filthy drama has big names attached to it Airel is sponsoring it.

These dramas are taking away the very basic thing from us that is TRUST. Teaching young girls not to trust any relation after marriage including our Father in Law , Sister in law, even our very own little sister. Saas Bahu is being exploited almost in every drama that is not a big deal at all.

top dramas of Aiza Khan

Pyar Kay Sadkay

Pyar Kay Sadkay this drama showcased that a father in law keeps his eyes on her Bahu. The cast is big. This drama has so much ratings that our very own government tv channel purchased it and showed it to the masses .

We are forced to think on the three questions

The agenda behind these dramas?

What are they trying to promote with these dramas?

The hidden objectives behind these dramas?

We all are in a state of shock as these dramas continues to be aired.

Damaging the family structure, family values, create distrust among the relationships seems to be their foremost agenda. Breaking the family system.

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Mere Pass tum ho

Mere Pas tum ho showing that a husband should never trust his wife when she is on job. In the society where people already not will to let their wives do job.

These dramas are highly condemnable. This is not the true face or representation of our society. Our family system is the only thing that is strong these days. People support their family in their times of need. Women go out to work to support their husbands and families. Husband can leave a wife and father in law at home. Nand and bhabhi relationship is already very difficult relation we should not prove that it is so fateful for a bhabi.

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