Top Trending Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers

Pakistani Fashion industry has seen many ups and down this year. Many top brands went bankrupt while other survived and managed to bring their names on top of the list. So this year many new brands have paved their way for success. Some bridal dress designers have really unique taste while others offer less price. For some there is no need to worry since their names are well established and people will come to them.

This article will be about all the top Pakistani bridal dress designers.They are famous for their Barat and Walima dresses internationally.

1. HSY (Hassan Shehryar Yasin).

2. Faiza Saqlain

3.Maria B.

4. Zainab Chotani

5. Sana Fawad

All of them are big names now and they have earned it through their hard work.

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H.S.Y(Hassan Shehryar Yasin)

H.S.Y is a very established name in Pakistani Fashion Industry. His work is top of the line and unparalleled. His bridal wear is popular both nationally and internationally. His bridal dresses usually revolve around lehanga and traditional wear. H.S.Y is also known for the timeless and very unique creations. His designed dresses makes the bride feel like a royalty.

HSY bridal dressesalso see best traditional hair styles

Faiza Saqlain:

Faiza Saqlain has appeared in several Fashion shows and is an emerging designer. Faiza Saqlain has client-age world wide. Faiza Saqlain works for formal dresses usually. Many Pakistani celebs are often seen wearing Faiza at many big events. Maya Ali, Sana Javed, Naimal Khawar , Mawra Hocane are seen wearing her designs at their family events as well as award shows.

Bridal dresses

top Naimal Khawar looks

Maria B.:

Maria B. is a very renowned designer. She is internationally acclaimed. Brides from Pakistan as well as abroad chose to wear her designed dresses. Maria B. has the among the most expensive brands in Pakistan. Maria B. famous in casual wear as well as formal wear. Her jewellery and bridal dresses are worth a fortune.

Maria b. brida dresses

Zainab Chotani:

Zainab Chotani is known for her very unique designs that stand out on their own. She is a very well established name in the Fashion industry.

zainab chotanni bridal dresses

Sadaf Fawad( SF Khan)

Sadaf Fawad the wife of Legendary Actor Fawad Khan has established her name in a very short time. Her bridal dresses are also very unique. Her designed dresses are famous for the quality of work and the colors. The contrasts she chooses for the clothes are also very famous.

sadaf fawad khan bridals


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