Top 5 Private Schools in Pakistan

Schools in Pakistan are divided into two main branches private school system and the government school system. Parents are always in search of the best schools for their wards. Parents prefer private schools because they give the parents more respect and their education is considered much better than government schools. This article will be about the Top 5 Private schools in Pakistan whose branches are across the country. Parents are often in search of the Top best Schools in Pakistan.

1. Beaconhouse School System

2. City School Pakistan

3. Lahore Grammer School

4. Roots Millennium School Pakistan

5. Frobels International School

These Schools have contributed to the success of our country immensely. They have produced some outstanding names who have represented our country internationally. The students from these schools have better confidence and more chance of settling outside the country.

One of the Major drawbacks of these Schools is the hidden and skyrocketed fee structures. These fees can be paid by only a few very well-earning parents. If they reduce the fee maybe some common kids can also get a better chance to study. Parents almost have to sell their kidneys to afford the education they provide.

1. Beaconhouse School System

Beachonhouse is among the most popular and expensive schools across the country. Beaconhouse School has campuses across Pakistan. Beaconhouse offers state-of-the-art campuses and very experienced faculty throughout the country. Their staff is very well versed and has expertise in their respected jobs. Beaconhouse is also seen internationally. Its campuses are in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Dubai(U.A.E).

top private school in Pakistan

2. The City School System

The City School also has branches in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. It is operating in Pakistan since 1978. The fee structure of City School is a little less as compared to Beaconhouse School System. The City School System has over 150+ branches across the country in almost all the major areas. It offers state-of-the-art campuses with experienced faculty.

website: The City School Pakistan

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3. Lahore Grammer School:

Lahore Grammer School is also very popular among parents. It has branches in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Its branches can be found in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Sialkot. Lahore Grammer School is also known as LGS. Lahore Grammer School is more famous in Islamabad as compared to other cities.

Website: Lahore Grammer School

top schools of pakistan

4. Froebel’s International School:

Froebel’s School is among the most elite private schools in Pakistan. The Frobels Schools have 8 Campuses in 5 major cities of Pakistan. The fee structure of Froebel’s is among the highest.

Website: Froebel’s International School

top schools in pakistantop 6 private schools in Pakistan

5. Roots Millennium School:

Roots Millenium School is among the best private Schools. Its fee structure is not so high as compared to other schools. Roots Millenium School focuses on studies as well as co-curricular activities. This school offers spacious campuses and experienced teachers. The school has campuses across Pakistan with coverage in almost all the major areas in the country. Roots operate in Azad Kashmir, KPK, Punjab, and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

website: Root Millennium School

best schools of pakistan

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