NGOs working for flood relief in Pakistan

Pakistan being a developing country is facing big turmoil. Recent rains in Pakistan and India have caused devastation across Pakistan. Before this monsoon spell, Pakistan was on the verge of being Default. Its economy was already under so much burden. These current spells have made almost 60% of the population homeless. Many have lost their loved ones crossing 1000 and many people are still missing. This article is about all those NGOs which are working tirelessly in the affected areas, some are busy in rescue operations with Pakistan Army while others are tirelessly arranging food and shelter for those in need.

People are left with no homes, food, or shelter. In these tough times, we have seen some amazing people stepping up and taking charge of their own hands. These people include Zafer Iqbal Who is running the JDC foundation in Karachi. His efforts have risen unparalleled. Zafer Iqbal to date is the most legit person who is distributing and collecting food and shelter for those in need.

5 NGOs for flood relief in Pakistan

Other NGOs who have stood up for the rehabilitation and rescue of our people from sudden floods include the Alkhidmat foundation. Their workers are working high up in the northern areas where the water flow is at its extreme. People were taken by surprise when the speedy waters gushed through their homes. In these extreme situations where the water is seen roaring through our villages and tourist destinations, It has destroyed everything in its path regardless. The heroes of Alkaidmat foundation and Akhowat foundation took their boats and started rescuing people risking their lives for no money in return or no recognition. These unsung heroes are the ones who are actually this country.

Pakistanis are welcoming all sorts of donations in these toughest times. This money will help in rehabilitation and rescue. these organizations will also have to reconstruct water and power, food, and shelter for those people who have lost everything in these floods.

JDC Foundation:

One-man NGO who has not slept for days is working tirelessly for our flood-affected areas. He has sent several trucks full of food and water to interior Sindh from Karachi. He has been urging people to donate water, dry fruits, and biscuits for the people in need. As they don’t have a place to cook.

Donate now: JDC foundation

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flood relief for Pakistan JDC

AlKhidmat Foundation:

AlKhidmat Foundation has been there since day one in the northern areas. They have engaged themselves in the rescue part of the operations. People were taken by surprise when the speedy waters flushed them along with their life stock. There the volunteers of the AlKhidmat Foundation were seen with their boats rescuing poor people who were floating in the waters helplessly.

Donate now: Alkhidmat Foundation

Akhuwat foundation:

Akhuwat Foundation is helping people in Sindh and South Punjab. NGOs are also seen rescuing people and are very active in rehabilitation as well. Volunteers were seen rescuing people in Tonsa Shareef a village that was severely struck by the floods. They were among the very first NGOs arriving at almost all the majorly affected areas which provided Relief to the people. Now they are busy in the rehabilitation process and are accepting donations. People from outside the country are also trusting Akhuwat Foundation and are giving heavy donations.

Akhuwat Foundation

akhuwat foundation

Edhi Foundation:

Edhi Foundation is the most established name in the NGOs. It is considered to be one of the most reliable NGOs in Pakistan. Edhi Foundation has a big fleet of ambulances and volunteers who are working round the clock to help and rescue people.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi foundaiton

Islamic Relief:

An International NGO working around the world and helping people around the globe. Islamic Relief is very much operational in flood-affected areas. They have set up camps and are providing relief and rations.

Islamic Relief

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