Top 20 Schools of Pakistan

Education is the basic right of any citizen of any country. Pakistan is a developing state and is striving hard to provide better education to their children. It is in the fore most agenda of every government of Pakistan. A school is the basic step towards education it is the foundation of every child. Many schools have been established by the government of Pakistan. Along with the government schools there are private schools as well which man people established themselves to provide quality education to all the children in Pakistan.

The trend of going to private schools has increased rapidly with time. People somehow prefer to send their children to the private schools rather than the government schools.

Here is the list of Top 20 Schools of Pakistan :

1.  Aitchison College

Aitchison College is an independent, semi-private boys school for boarding and day students from grade 1–13. The school is located in Lahore, Pakistan

Aitchison college lahore

2.Army Public Schools

Army Public Schools & Colleges System (or APSACS) is a semi-private educational institution with 36 branches located in different provinces of Pakistan.

army public school

 3. Abbottabad Public school

Abbottabad Public school is a boarding school for 7th to 12th grade students, located in Abbottabad (alt. 4500 ft). It has around 500 + students enrolled at the moment.

abbottabad public school pictures

 4. Beaconhouse School System

BSS is a private institution having its campuses in 30+ cities of Pakistan. The school is for 1- 13 grade students.

private schools of pakistan

5.Bahria College

The foundation of Bahria College was laid on August 1986 by Admiral I. A Sirohey (Naval Chief). The campus is run under the supervision of Pakistan Navy and has its campuses in major cities of Pakistan.

Bahria college islamabad , karachi

Burnhall School (Abbottabad)

Army Burn Hall school was established in 1956, it offers classes from KG to 12th grade and administered by Pakistan Army.


7.Convent school

Convent has seven branches in Pakistan, its an URDU medium-girls only school and provides education from kindergarten to matric classes.

convent school islamabad

                                                                                   8.The City School

City school is an English medium school. It has branches in more than 50 cities and currently over 100k+ students enrolled from all over Pakistan.


9.Chand bagh school (Muridke) 

Chand Bagh is a fully residential School located at Muridke, Sheikhupura. It was founded in September 1998.


10.Crescent Model school (Lahore)

The school is run by a private trust. it offers education from Montessori to Higher Secondary Level.

11. C.A.S (Karachi)

The C.A.S. School is a private school located in Karachi, It is located in DHA/Clifton, Phase 8 and has two campuses, the Main Campus and The Kindergarten Section

CAS school among top schools of akistan

12.Cadet College Hassan Abdal

cadet college hassanabdal

 13.Habib Public School (Karachi)

habib public schools in top schools of pakistan

14.International school of choueifat (Lahore)

International school of choueifat (Lahore)

15.Karachi Grammar School

karachi grammer school among top schools of pakistan
16.Lahore Grammar (Lahore & Islamabad)

Lahore Grammer school Pakistan

18.Lahore American school

Lahore american school among top schools of pakistan

19.Pak-Turk International School

top schools of pakistan

20.The Mama Parsi International school (Karachi)

top schools of pakistan

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