Things People With Psychology Majors Can Relate To

Psychology is generally considered as an interesting subject through out the world but specifically in Pakistan it becomes much more “interesting” after the comments one gets from the lay person .. If you have studied Psychology as a majors then you will definitely be able to relate to almost 80% of these things..

1- Oh , So you must be able to tell what I am thinking right now..

AArgh!! Don’t you hate it when people ask you this and you just want to give them a comeback that might sound something like “Apart from the fact that you are clearly thinking about roasting me, I don’t know anything that might be going on in your mind” or something like “Yes wait, sit quietly and let me perform my telepathic skills” !!

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2- WHAAT?? You earn money just for talking!..

Well, apparently YES and if that’s not bad enough , we sometimes get money just for LISTENING ..

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3-I am going through a bad phase in my life, can you counsel me ..

When a friend or relative asks you for this and you are there just like ….

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You solemnly refuse because it just feels like a lot of effort explaining that why you can not.

4-You are so lucky, you don’t even need to study to get a degree !..

Well, That’s one of the worst..

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Yes , You definitely are ! But I’ll laugh at your JOKE some other time maybe, because I am too busy studying “statistics” and “DSM”..!

5-When nobody else gets your jokes..
For instance,

A woman driving the car on a red light
You: She has got some serious unresolved childhood conflicts .
The rest of the world : Whaat?

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