The Brighter Side of Pakistan

Too often we Pakistanis are quite busy finding our faults, belittling ourselves and saying to each other “Yaar, Ye Pakistan hai , yahan aise hi chalta hai”, that we fail to recognize that we do have a bright side as well . We underrate the small yet meaningful things which makes us distinguishable from many other nations in the world. Let’s have a look at the brighter side of Pakistan.


All we need to do is to look at the things in a new light, so let us take you on a journey to the “other side” of Pakistan which you might have seen before but had failed to appreciate..

come and experience pakistan

ALL of us talk about the poor rate of literacy in our country. The street children begging day and night , the increasing rates of child labor and yes, we do genuinely think and feel that every child should go to the school and get educated but what we don’t notice is that amongst those million Pakistanis who make these children work or make them beggars there are a million others like Muhammad Yaqub, a 51 year old firefighter who teaches the street children in a local park, without advertising it or getting any hidden benefits from it..

pakistani school teacher
Master Yaqub teaching his students

We do talk about how the female population is neglected in our country and didn’t get their rights but we don’t see that there are a million women like Zahida Bibi, a 64 year old who drives a taxi and makes her own living or many others like her who are pilots , army officers, chefs, doctors, engineers or even designers and architects..

Have you ever noticed that we talk a lot about poverty and selfishness in our country. The “rich get richer and the poor getting poorer” kind of thing and we talk about a country where every man is for himself and does not care about how many people die every month merely out of hunger and poverty, though sadly this happens too , but what we don’t see and talk about are the efforts of people and organizations like Edhi, Parveen Saeed (the owner of khana ghar, where any hungry person can eat for only 3 rupees) and Rizq (A charity organization formed by four students from LUMS university lahore, who collect surplus food from wedding halls, restaurants and even homes and distribute that food among the poor). These people are part of the same Pakistan and work without having any secret agendas or political reasons , rather their purpose is to spread goodness.

great people of pakistan

Quite often we talk about that Pakistan where stealing is common and nobody is safe , but yet we never acknowledge the fact that there is still a part of Pakistan , with zero crime rate and where the people leave their shops open while they go to pray or eat and that part is called Gilgit Baltistan.


Yes, we definitely see that Pakistan where hit and run accidents happen and the ambulances never reach the spot on time but yet we don’t appreciate those Pakistanis who without caring about the fact that they can get involved in Police investigations take the injured in their own cars to the hospitals.

Let us learn to appreciate these beautiful little things about Pakistan , instead of just focusing on the negative aspects….

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