The Attack on Pakistan brought Shame to India | Pakistan India War

It is not a hidden fact that India imposed war on Pakistan. After Pulwama attack in jammu and Kashmir India started blaming Pakistan for this bomb blast. India had no proof whatsoever that Pakistan is involved in this blast. After all this India decided to make a surgical strike on Pakistan. It got away with it first time although Pakistani air force displayed immense professionalism. Indian fighter jets were left with no choice and ran away. The indian fighter jets dropped their payload in a jungle in far of mountains in Pakistan.

Pakistani prime minister repeatedly warned India to refrain from its malicious intentions. He also said that Pakistan will defend itself if any other attack is carried on Pakistani soil. India again carried out an airstrike as well as started firing on line of control. Pakistan armed forces defended itself and shot down two fighter jets.

Latest satellite imagery proving that India attacked trees

India is constantly trying to proof that they have hit many JOM hideout which they claim to be in Pakistan. They further claim that more than 300 people were killed in the airstrike which was carried out after Uri terrorist attack.

Pakistani @DGISPR showed pictures of the attacked place and said that the indian aircrafts dropped payload in haste

Satellite Imageries also confirm that India actually missed their target :

indian air strike satellite images

Have a look at the video of the bombed site :

Fake F16 wreckage shown by Indian media

The indian media is campaigning for war. They are constantly spreading false and fake news around the clock. Media in India is proving that India has done a successful strike on Pakistan. They are supporting Modi so blindly that they are forgetting to protect their own reputation.

This anchor was trying to make it a point that the parts shown on the screen were of Pakistani F-16. The guest proved that this is a false assumption. The guest who was an Indian engineer proof it a fake claim of India.

Pulwama & Uri attacks were a set up plan by BJP to gain political mileage reveals

Former Indian BJP member Avi Dandiya in a video clip uncovers with proof that everything from the pulwama attack on a convoy of Central Reserve Police Force in Pulwama district to attack of India on Pakistan is prefabricated.

Dandiya claimed that the audio recording is actually a conference call involving three BJP leaders, including Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and an unidentified woman who set up the attack plan. The video is making rounds on social media and creating great difficulties for the BJP.

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