Taking care of new born baby

Congratulations on the new arrival..

It seems very exciting to become a mother or a father. However with this comes a bundle of responsibilities ,to do lists ,sleepless nights. etc etc.

Here are a few things which you need to take care of if you have a infant in the house.

Neck holding:

Now this is for sure that your baby is not able to hold his tiny little neck. Make sure you have full control of him and his head .Your one hand should always be under his head and the other hand on his back.
You can also try having your kid on on arm and the second arm should be securing him. this way is useful if you are feeding him or putting your kid to sleep.

Hold him gently:

There should be no jerks ,shaking , jumping or any other en devour that usually comes in the fathers mind just for fun. It can be very life threatening. Hold him with light hand and very gently only then he will feel comfortable and secure.

Make him feel secure:

Even if kid is crying like hell or he is creating a mess of some sort may be vomiting or jerking his body. You should have control over your mind and your body. Make sure you are holding him gently and your kid is feeling secure. holding tightly may also cause discomfort in the baby and as a result the baby may cry more.

Swaddling a New Born:

Swaddling is a very common technique these days. In swaddling you wrap your child with a square shaped sheet. By swaddling your baby will feel more secure and will sleep for longer duration. He will not be poked by external noises. Try swaddling your baby. A baby swaddled may feel more secure then the untied one. make sure you don’t swaddle to tightly.

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