Stay at Home Jobs for Pakistani Moms


Inflation has opened more frontiers to people these days. Previously mostly one member of the house, usually the men were responsible for making money. The majority of women were homemakers. Now the situation has changed. Women these days are also searching for ideas and to make money at home.

This article will be a quick idea generator for women in households to start earning in the easiest way possible. Women who are not able to leave their house for any reason can also earn by sitting at home.

inflation in Pakistan

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Freelancing is a very broad term that mainly summarises earning money sitting at home. In freelancing, there are plenty of options for everyone. Depending upon the skill set you have. You can offer your services sitting at home through different platforms. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and of course if you are smart enough Facebook too. Services that you can offer may include Logo designing, Video Editing, Article Writing, SEO Writing, Cardmaking(wedding or visiting), etc. You just have to properly identify the right skill set that you possess.

When you know what you can do now make a proper strategy as to which channel you prefer to use be it Fiverr, UpWork, Facebook, advertise the skill that you have to offer on that platform.

Article writing

Select a niche.

Determine your skillset.

If you are good at writing you can sell your articles on Upworkas well as Fiverr.

You can also purchase a domain and start your own website by creating new articles. Get your domain registered with Google Adsense. Get your website monetized.

You can also make a blog www. After 40 to 50 posts the content must be authentic and genuine you can ask Google to monetize your blog so on every click you get paid.

If you can create amazing content that is unique and plagiarism free then you can post it on the website. Google will pay

article writing for women

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Selling Food

Make lunchboxes for offices and schools and get paid. Market your skills on Facebook by making your page.

take good pictures of what you can cook and get orders on your phone or Facebook.


Become a Reseller

If you have some capital. Purchase things that you think are unique and will give you profit.

Resell by sitting home. Making a page on Facebook and Instagram.

Take good pictures of your product. Make an attractive page. Join relevant Facebook groups.

You can either do live sessions or you can make videos and post them on your page.


Sell your skills

Skills such as:

All and infinitely more are in demand. You just have to use your skill in the right way. The right marketing strategy can take you to another level.

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