Simple and New Mehndi designs for 2019

Simple and New Mehndi Designs for 2019

This Article presents some of the simple and new Mehndi designs for 2019

Mehndi is a form of body art popular all over the world. Mehndi is mostly applied by women either young or old.Mehndi may also be referred to as Heena. Its is very famous among in India and Pakistan. Heena is applied to the hands of girls and women of all ages. Mehndi is an ancient art in which a paste made from powdered dry leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis) is applied on different body parts mostly hands and feet.  There are several variations of mehndi designs such as Arabic , Persian, Indian and Pakistani.

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Bridal Mehndi Designs for hand and arms:

Mehndi applied on the brides hands is considered as a very common ritual in wedding functions. Most commonly mehndi is applied on the brides hand and feet. Bridal mehndi designs are heavier than the other designs. Usually entire hand is covered with mehndi and entire foot is also covered by Heena.

mehndi designs
mehndi designs

hand bridal mehndi designs

Bridal mehndi designs for feet:

Foot mehndi is very common among Pakistani and Indian weddings. Bridal foot mehndi is usually very heavy and the designs are more dense and closely made.

Here are a few latest trending mehndi designs.

latest foot mehndi designs 2018

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Mehndi designs for Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fiter

Women of the subcontinent are using heena for beautification since a very long time.Mehndi was applied by the princesses on various parts of the body and was part of a beautification process.

unique mehndi designs for eid

Delicate Foot Mehndi Designs:

Some ladies prefer light and delicate mehndi designs. Here are some unique mehndi designs.

pakistani foot mehndi designs

Arabic Mehndi designs:

Arabic mehndi designs are more into shading .A design with slightly thick outline is made and then filled by shading with-in the outline. Shading makes it unique and gives an elegant look.

latest arabic mehndi designs


Circular Motif Designs:

Circular motifs are the most ancient ones. circular patterns have evolved with time and looks very beautiful.

pakistani mehndi designs

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