Child Development

The importance of reading cannot be denied. It is very important to develop book reading habit in your child from a very early stage. Here we have presented some techniques that can help develop book reading habit  in your child. Read to your child, the right way! Reading has long been considered as of the most psychologically and physically rewardingRead More →

make your baby active

It has long been rightly said that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” .But here let’s not talk about Jack as enough has been said about him, let’s consider the actual problem, which is absolutely not Jack, but YOU. As being  that dull “Jack’s” parents… Your busy routine, tough work schedules and obviously loads of householdRead More →

Baby Bathing Techniques

Correct bathing techniques are very crucial for your little bundle of joy. When bathing your child you should be very careful, vigilant and you should know what you are doing. Bathing a new born is a challenging task. Handling a little body is very tricky. I would divide this topic in steps so that it is easy to fallow.  Read More →

Taking care of new born

Congratulations on the new arrival.. It seems very exciting to become a mother or a father. However with this comes a bundle of responsibilities ,to do lists ,sleepless nights. etc etc. Here are a few things which you need to take care of if you have a infant in the house. Neck holding: Now this is for sure that yourRead More →


Colic Sometimes your baby starts to cry without any known reason .He doesn’t seem hungry and the reason is unknown then your kid might be colic.  The baby who is happy otherwise starts to cry uncontrollably. This happens in kids usually less than 5 months. Colic is not a disease it’s just stomach ache in kids which is unbearable forRead More →