Pakistani people and slogan Tabdeeli ai hay

Before, during and after election “Tabdeeli ai hay” went viral. It was slogan of most popular political party Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf. Its supporters went crazy for this song. This song is still very popular among the youth and the followers of this party. it is a very heart touching song as the people of this country were longing for much wanted change since a very long time. This must also be mentioned here that using this slogan Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf won the latest election, which brought a sigh of relief among the people of our beloved country.pakistan tehreek-e-insaf

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Soon after the elections People of Pakistan started seeking change in every small, little, itsy, bitsy gesture shown by the newly elected members and started referring to it as” Tabdeeli ai hay“. Be it the new policies announced by the ministers or the newly adapted lifestyles of the politicians of this party. People as well as social media are keeping an egger eye on each and every politician who has been elected in these elections.

pakistan tahreek-e-insaf

Sheikh Rasheed court case

People are impatient to achieve Tabdeeli which is very well depicted by the trending videos and pictures in the social media, but does the new government under Imran Khan’s leadership really promise the revolutionary change it claimed to bring durimg their election campaign? Some of these instances include

Asad Qaisar and Pervaiz Khatak waiting for their turn to board the plane.

asad qaisar and pervai khatak

Sheikh sahab travelling in a train as he is a railway minister.

sheikh rasheed travelling on train

Sheikh Rasheed eating his food from the local dhaba.

pakistani politicians sheikh rasheed eating food

Fawad Chaudhry announced no federal minister will go for medical treatment abroad.

But is this really the change we all were looking for…. I mean what relief it provides to the poor people of Pakistan. How much money will it provide to the people of Pakistan? How many jobs will these gestures produce? Will this eating on dhaba provide to the poor and hungry people of Pakistan? Yes I agree that this will change the trend and set good trend among the country but is it what really we want.


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What will bring change?

Actual thing that will bring change is the ministers and the prime minister actually delivering what they have promised. We need houses, we need more and more jobs, we need food for poor beings of our society and we need quick practical actions to be taken .Call this impatience but the people of my nation have seen a lot. The people of this country have been ditched by the politicians every time they are hurt. Taking prompt and to the point actions rather than the picture game is actually what is required here. These are the things that will actually depict change.

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Sir if you deliver this nation will make you hero but if you fail to give relief to the country ….. Alas!!! We hope not…. Not this time. We need cheaper fares, neat and clean trains to travel on train with no delays not Sheikh Sahib travelling on the train. We need cheaper food for poor for which they don’t have to beg not sheikh sahib eating on dhaba. This is all picture game and this is not appreciated.

This is what my point of you is and everyone is free to differ. Yes we want change and we want Imran Khan to prosper.

Best of Luck Team Imran Khan.

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