Pakistani fashion in’s and out’s this summer

Fashion keeps on changing around the world. Like other countries fashion in Pakistan is also changing day by day and is modernizing as the time is passing. People are now preferring ready to wear over the counter clothes. This approach is giving way to new businesses. New designers are coming in the market.Let’s have a look atPakistani fashion in’s and out’s this summer :

This summer bell selves are highly in with a touch of modernism. Two layers of bell selves are more of an in thing this summer. Light vibrant colours which soothes the eyes in summer are also in. Colours like dull pink, aqua blue, white are also “in” this summer.Long bell selves have been out of fashion for a while though but now they are back in.

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As you know fashion keeps on repeating it self after time. So the 80’s fashion gharara’s, trousers, bell pants have all made it back in fashion.Most renowned designers have introduced bell sleeves with short shirt and gharara’s.

Short shirts are now in. Previously frocks and long air line shirts were the talk of town. Every other girl was wearing frock with her own new design. Long shirts were also in fashion. People used to wear them with trousers and pajamas but now everything like this is now out of fashion.Only short shirts and straight knee length and above shirts are in the latest trending clothes and Pakistani girls are rocking it.

Most renowned brands are making ghararas separately. People are also designing frocks but knee above length with gharara pants. This fashion is similar to the fashion people used to fallow in late 80’s.

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