Pakistani Fashion In’s and Out Winter 2018-19

Pakistani fashion keeps on changing with time. How ever this year has been the year for short frocks and trousers. Summing it all up this year was the year or shalwar kameez ,trousers with short frocks, angrakha shirt with shalwar, trousers along with short shirts. Some women also experimented with patyala shalwar and short shirt.

Pakistani celebrities also experimented with the traditional dresses some of them were found wearing long frocks while others sported with short frock and short shirts. They are the actual trend setters in Pakistan, what ever they choose to wear eventually becomes talk of the town. Top celebrities namely Mahira khan,Maya Ali ,Minal khan and Aiza khan mostly experiment with frocks which makes them look very elegant.

casual pakistani dresses

Pakistani designers are mostly designing short frocks or short shirts now that are complimented with trousers or fitted pajamas. Opting for bold colours like red ,Electric blue, Royal Blue ,Purple, White and shocking pinks creates a statement style. These colours makes you look tall and fair. Most celebrities are found wearing these colours.

So here are thePakistani Fashion In’s and Out this Winter 2018-19

Short shirts and trousers:

Short shirts having above knee length are always in. These shirts are accompanied with trousers. Trousers having lace or something embroided on the foot side is a good choice.

short shirts pakistani fashion

Short sized frocks:

Above knee length air line shirts or frocks are in these days. These look really amazing on girls if worn with fitted trousers. Khaddi, Ethenic by Outfitters , RangJa , Generation all top brands in Pakistan offer these short frocks. These frocks look extra ordinary when worn with fitted jeans.

short frockssee also pakistani mehndi designs

Full Length frocks and churidar pajamas:

Foot length of frocks are always a very good choice if you want to look subtle and elegant. Girls often chose to wear frocks of long length having minimum print on when they want to stand out in a formal gathering.

Churidar pajamas are mostly accompanied with these long frocks. Churidar sleeves also look really elegant on young girls.pakistani frocks

Most of the celebrities be it Pakistani or Indian choose to wear long frocks as they take very less effort in dressing up and also it makes a statement where ever you go. Ashwariya Rai ,Kareena Kapoor, Maya Ali, Aiza khan and Mahira Khan hence all the famous and renowned celebrities opt to wear these long frocks.

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