Pakistani Debit Cards Leaked on Dark web

Pakistani Debit Cards Leaked on Dark web

Last week, it was reported that nearly 20,000 Pakistani debit cards were compromised. Now, security threat meditating Group-IB has found out that earlier this week, another huge dump of around 177,878 cards have appeared on the dark web.

The major portion of the data has been put on sale on a dark-web site named Joker Stash. Out of the total 150,632 cards belongs to the Pakistani banks. The report further added that 20 % of cards were from Habib bank.


The report further notes that the estimated value of the dump is around $ 20 million, and the sale price of card was anywhere between $ 17 to $ 160.

However it is still not known how this large portion of secret data got leaked. Shestakov, head of Group-IB Cybercrime research unit said that usually card details are obtained by using skimming devices or trojans infecting the workstations connected to Point of sale terminal.

This incident should be an eye opener for the officials. The bank needs to investigate the loop holes in their current security systems and take the right measures to ensure safety for their customers.

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