5 things to know about wedding day in Pakistan

Being a Pakistani or Asian bride is not easy. A girl has to face so much during these days . A normal person cannot understand. Most of the brides are not able to tackle all this pressure and hence become cranky. Majority of the girls end up shouting and yelling at some of the people they love the most. In this article we will shed a light on all that is going through a brides mind on and before the day of her wedding.

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It’s obvious that wedding is the most important day in everyone’s lives. The entire family is under so much pressure from the father to the brothers,from the mother to the bride. The entire family reputation is at stake and everyone is busy saving it. In this article we are talking only about the girl who is about to leave her home . the home where she was born, the place where she was raised like a princess. Where she is emotionally attached from the core of her heart.She is leaving behind her mother, father, brothers and sisters. She is leaving the place where she ruled. she copes up all these emotional things and move forward to the wedding day.

The dress is too loose or tight:

The dress that her in Laws sent her is way too loose and there’s no time to alter it. Almost all the brides face this issue. somehow she overcomes it.

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Hungry all day long:

The parlour and photoshoot are lined up so early that she is only able to breakfast with her family the rest of the day she is hungry. She cannot eat anything because her base will crack . She cannot talk much and say anything because her makeup will come off.

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Sleepless Nights:

All the stress and anxiety results in sleepless nights. All the rush in the house and noise will add up to it.


photoshoot is the latest trend. the bride leaves her home as soon as possible so that she gets ready in time and then she could go for her photoshoot. Naturally it drains a girl because she is all dolled up and ready for her photoshoot and the bride and groom enter the wedding place.which is a very tiring process.

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There is a long list of problems that every girl faces during this transition period. At the end of the day its her day the girl needs to understand that its her day and this will pass soon. So please try to keep it calm and relax. Its undoubtedly is tough for you but still stay at your utmost that you don’t yell at anyone because this time will pas and not everyone is able to understand what you are going through. So have fun and relax and enjoy your big day.

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