Pakistani brands whose replicas are in demand

Pakistani Fashion Industry is increasing beyond anyone’s imagination. As the industry has increased immensely the prices have also gone to skies. The people have now came up to another solution. The replicas are selling like hot cakes in the local markets.

Across Pakistan you are easily able to find the closest replicas of the most hot selling and expensive attires. The quality is so fine that no one is able to distinguish between the original and the replicas. People opt for the replicas because they are cheap you can stitch it according to your size and length.

In Pakistani local markets you are able to find the stitched as well as the unstitched versions of almost all the brands.

We have done some research as to which branded replicas are in demand. The most hot selling branded replicas are the ones having insanely expensive originals.

Most hot selling Branded replicas:

  • Maria B.
  • HSY
  • Agha Noor
  • Zainab Chotani
  • Faiza Saqlain
  • Asim Jofa
  • Khaadi

Maria B. :

Maria B. is among the most expensive and in-demand designers in Pakistan. Her dresses are so expensive that only a few people are able to afford her. People have found a substitute for her dresses. They are now opting for replicas. Locally all her dresses as soon as they come in the market people make replicas of all the attires be it stitched or unstiched. It sells like hot cake in the market people like replicas almost the same way they like Maria B. originals.

replica Maria B

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H.S.Y :

H.S.Y is at the top of his game when it comes to bridal wear. His Bridal wear is in demand internationally. People love his designs. His designs are the most expensive ones in Pakistan. People have also found a substitute for his expensive dresses because not everyone is able to afford his designs. All the local bridal dress makers in Pakistan offer you the replicas in Pakistan. They are fairly the same quality but not exactly the same. they copy almost every design. They are also able to make perfectly similar dresses in almost half the price. the gems are replaced with other substitutes.

hsy designer replica

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Agha Noor:

Agha Noor is Very famous among Pakistani ladies . His dresses are semi formal perfect for small functions and Eid festivities. Agha Noor designs are again very highly priced and two piece. Local market has copied and made similar replicas in much cheaper prices. Agha Noor replicas are in demand these days and sold like hotcakes in local markets.

agha noor replica

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Zainab Chotani:

Zainab chottani is very popular among overseas Pakistani Ladies and celebrities. Zainab’s designs are worth a fortune. Zainab Chotani also very expensive as most of her clients are overseas. People in Pakistan as well as in other countries opt for a cheaper options offered in local markets.

pakistani bridal dresses replica

Asim Jofa:

Asim Jofa is very highly paid for his lawn to formal to bridals. His dresses are also copied the moment they hit the market.

replica collection

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