Pakistani actresses in red dresses making statements 2019

Pakistani celebs surely knows how to ace though any outfit. All young girls inspire them and follow the trends that they set. This article will be focused on how these top celebrities carried Red colour dresses and aced through it. Red is the colour which only the most confident people chose to wear. Red makes you look top notch. Red is the colour that stands for determination, passion, energy, strength and most of all it represents confidence.

I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red. Maria Sharapova

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.Bill Blass

Pakistani celebrities are excelling tremendously. They are well groomed , more confident as compared to past. Most importantly people follow their sense of style.

These ladies sure are the queens of the industry and are proving themselves in acting. People instantly follow what they chose to wear even on their lazy days.

These celebrity chosen styles made them look glamorous. We are totally impressed by the sense of style they chose to wear.Pakistani celebrities have proved that they can ace through any dress.

Mahira Khan in Red

Mahira is unstoppable since she appeared in Humsafar. People are admiring her style since then. whatever colour she choose to wear she aces through it so perfectly that it becomes a statement.
mahira khan in red

Mehwish Hayat in Red

Mehwish hayat is the queen of hearts of millions. She is raising her voice on international forums and is representing Pakistan as a proud Pakistani all over the world. She has proven her skills in the field of acting for years. People look up to her . She is the true diva of the industry. She has faced lots of criticism yet managed to be the most confident and bold lady. Her confidence is touching the skies. We wish her luck in future as well.
Mehwish Hayat in Red

Maya Ali

Maya Ali is among the most talented ladies from the industry. Her skills are unparalleled. People are looking up to her in her sense of style and acting. Whichever project she chooses to act becomes instant hit. She has established her name and is inspiring all the newbies.
maya ali wearing red colour

Hareem Farooq:

Although Hareem is slightly new and struggling to be among the top but her style is also among the top ladies in the industry. These red outfits matches her sense of style.
hareem farooq wearing red

Hania Amir :

Hania Amir is the barbie doll of the industry . Her acting skills are so fine that she has established her name in no time. She is among the top actresses. Her sense of style makes her look like no other. Her most recent drama Anna was a big hit. These red outfits makes her look like a dream.

hania amir in red

Ghana Ali in red:

Ghana Ali is still a newbie but her sense of style is inspiring many.


ghana ali in red colour

Ayeza khan:

Ayeza khan has proven herself to be the most versatile actresses in Pakistani drama industry. She has polished herself with time. She has groomed herself well with each project she works in. Every project that she opts proves to be instant hit. People admire her sense of style , her acting skills , her homemaking skills. She is an all rounder with success in every field of her life. We wish her luck for the future.

ayeza khan in red


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