Salute to the Soldiers of Pakistan

The Backbone of any country is its soldiers its army. Similarly, a very integral part of this country is Pakistan Army. This article is all about giving a big salute to our Army. We as a nation are proud of Pakistan Army. This Army has fought not only at the war fronts that were imposed by other counties but also at internal fronts.

Our country has seen many dark days where people have been killed or slaughtered by unknown groups and where factories have been burnt with people inside them helpless calling out loud for help but all vague. People who came out for shopping or children who went to attend school were brutally killed by heartless people. Many mothers of this beloved country have seen the dead bodies full of blood of their young ones whom they raise with so much love, passion, and devotion. The list of sufferings of the people of this land goes on and on with no end.

The Past of Pakistan

A few years ago no one could have ever imagined this country in so much peace and tranquility. The news was full of incidents, accidents bomb blasts, and target killing. Those living here were living with wounded hearts; everyone was ready to send their children to other countries for a safe and secure life.

Pakistan army

Slowly and gradually with the effort of the Armed Forces and the Civil government peace is returning to the country. There are much lesser incidents of bomb blasts. With the sacrifices of our beloved soldiers, Lots of criminals have been brought to justice.

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Pakistan Army soldiers

With this came new businesses in the country providing more employment opportunities. People are able to organize big events such as the match between World Eleven and team Pakistan took place. The players of World Eleven came to our country played some good cricket and returned to their homes happy, satisfied, and safe. Other events included the boxing champion’s visit to our country earlier this year. Players were so happy and willing to come to our country again.

Pakistan Army

Beautiful Army Songs
Let’s wish that this breeze of peace continues to enlighten the minds and souls of the people of this country. Let’s salute our security agencies and the leadership for bringing peace and stability to our country. Let’s hope that no one is able to ruin the peace of our most loved nation again.

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