Organising Office in just 3 steps

Office is the place where most of us have to go to earn money. It’s a place where we need to have a very fresh, motivated, and creative mind set. Weather we go to office forcefully or it’s our choice to work, we have to be attentive and very much motivated to work otherwise we are not able to provide quality work. In an office we need to think out of the box, we need to put our full mind to our work. Whatever may be the circumstances in our homes and whichever may be the crisis we are going through we need have to work. We have to put our full mind to it.

If we have a job in which we need to accomplish something like targets, deadlines and due dates we have to work whole heartedly and forget everything behind. Targets cannot be accomplished if we are not organized if we don’t know what we are doing. Deadlines cannot be achieved if we don’t put our soul to work. Job cannot be done in other words if we are not organized. Due dates means nothing if all our world is out of order, if we are not motivated.

Now if we have a boring office how are we going to organize ourselves? Where will all the energy to work come from? Consider going to a place which is highly unorganized, messy, all documents everywhere, files and pages scattered all around the place. I think nobody sane will love to work at such place. If we are asked to provide one file we have to take all others out and search the desired file. How much tiring will it seem? No matter how much busy we are, we all need a lively and organized work space.

If our office is organized we will find our motivation to work on its own. So organizing our office must be our key responsibility. No matter what we are going through we all would love to go to such place where the desk is neat and clean, fully organized, motivational and welcoming. This article is about being organized. Being organized means we have a proper place for everything. We don’t have to organize it all the time.

Whether it’s a small office or a big office organizing stuff is the main point. An organized space is the place which is very much welcoming. I will give you some ideas to organize your work space .

1) Organize all the files and folders:

a) Tag them:

Tag all your files so that whenever you need a particular file you can just have a look and know what’s inside it.

b) Make a list in your computer:

Make a list of all the files in Microsoft office or any other organizing that you can open the file and check the location of the file.

c) Make an index in the file

Have an index in each file, so that you don’t have to go through all the documents one by one.

d) Make a particular space for keeping such files

Make a separate space for keeping your files and documents. if you have a shelf then organise your documents according to your frequency of use. Keeping your files according to frequency will give you a handy access to your files.

2) Organize your laptop

a) All the official data in one or two folders also create sub folders

b) Keep your personal stuff in another folder so that both may not overlap.

3) Put gadgets in one place

 Put all the gadgets like your hard drive, USB, Mouse, CD’s in one place

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