Nescafe Basement Pakistan ‘Piyar Diyan Gallan’ All Kids Band is making us proud

Nescafe is not a new name when it comes to coffee. These days it is also getting popularity from the show called Nescafe Basement. Nescafe is promoting and bringing new talent across Pakistan. This show is directed by Xulfi a renowned music producer and a songwriter. This year all the major musical charts are being conquered by this show. Nescafe Basement is gaining popularity day by day.

Pakistani music pro

It is this show which introduced first all girls pakistani band. Then this show brought forward an 8 year old girl Hiba Hashmi who sang ‘Bol Hu’ which has topped the charts this year. Now they have introduced first Pakistani all Kids band who sang ‘Pyar diyan Gallan’. The young and adorable kids have sung this song so beautifully that everyone in the country is enjoying it.

Bol HU singers

‘Piyar diyan gallan’ is now making to the top of all the latest musical charts. The more you look at the music video of this song the more you love it. Everyone on the social media is talking about this song people are sharing it more and more. Weather its young or old everyone is loving this song. A show which was a little less in popularity than coke studio is now not in anyway less.

The most adorable and beautiful thing about ‘Piyar diyan gallan’ is that Nescafe Basement has chosen very young drummers, pianists, guitarists and singers from Surtal Academy. The kids are playing easily with some of the most difficult musical instruments. Anyone who watches this video is bound to say aweee!!

These kids will be seen in many other musical videos in this season.

The composer of this song wrote, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Pakistan’s youngest musicians giving the message of love and peace to the world with their version of Fakhr-e-Alam, Fringe Benefits and Yasir Akhtar’s 90’s hit ‘Pyar Diyan Gallan’. Everything you’re about to hear has been played by these kids.” Yes The message is loud and clear and well taken.


Here’s a list of all kids performing the song in the upcoming episode:

  • Rajea 13 years old
  • Eliyan 14 years old
  • Sinaan Salman 13 years old
  • Hassaan Salman 11 years old
  • Muzammil Hussain 18 years old
  • Alishba Faisal 14 years old
  • Jerry Chris 12 years old
  • Saad mirza 17 years old
  • Zayna mian 13 years old
  • Fizza Batool 7 years old
  • M.Fateh 10 years old
  • Abu bakar 7 years old
  • shayan Ali 9 years old
  • Samiya Gohar 16 years old
  • Ali Imran 8 years old
  • Ahmed Effendi 10 years old
  • Rafay Rajpoot
  • Syed Zain
  • Zeeshan Ali
  • Mohib Khurram
  • Syed Saad
  • Sehar Yonus

Good job Jabbar khan and Nescafe Basement. We are proud of you.

See the people reviewing this song from all around the world and this makes us proud.

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