Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatima Sohail controversy

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a very renowned face . He is somewhat new but has gained more of his fame from the show “Mazaaq raat”. He is mainly known for his acting in several dramas,his singing in coke studio and “Mazaaq Raat”. If we look at Mohsin’s career it is full of struggle . Mohsin has done a good job in coke studio song “Uddi Jaa”.

Mohsin Abbas has talked about his depression and his uncontrolled anger several times in different shows. He himself accepted that his anger is outrageous and uncontrolled. People were not so much bothered then even after listening him say himself that he has very bad tantrum issues.

Now, He is trending on social media with his anger in discussion. The reason for this being his Wife Fatima Sohail has tweeted a long and heartbreaking story of her relationship with Mohsin Abbas. She even accused her Husband of being in relationship with a new actor in town Nazish Jahangir. Fatima claimed that her husband has beaten her several times and tortured her ,even kicked her while she was pregnant.

Here are some screenshots of the what Fatima Sohail has to say on the current issue.

fatima sohail issue

This is Fatima Sohail’s take on the issue. it seems like she was trying to protect her marriage for a long time. Now she has broken up about the violence that she has been through all these years.

Celebrities reaction to Mohsin Abbas and Fatima Sohail issue:

A good news for Fatima Sohail is that all the actors and social activists have spoken up in the favour of her. one of the renowned faces in the industry Gohar Rasheed has some very supporting comments.

mohsin abbas and gohar rasheed

All the famous stars from the industry are speaking up on this issue. All of them are supporting Fatima Sohail and this is a sigh of relief as a new trend is setting. Previously the lady who suffered domestic abuse by her husband has to face the world on her own. There was no one to support her. Even if some one did dared to speak about this issue had to face many other irritating questions. This went to an extent that people questioned the character of wife instead of husband.

celebrities response on mohsin abbass haider

Senator Sherry Rehman has also extended her support to Fatima. Osman Khalid Butt also tweeted on the trending issue. Mahira khan also supports Fatima Sohail. Frieha Altaf is also standing by her side.

More and more celebs are stepping forward in support of Fatima Sohail. Here is what Hania Amir and Asim Azhar has to say.


Mansha pasha and Ushna shah also has some very supportive comments:

mansha pasha ,ushna shah on mohsin abbas haider

Yumna Zaidi and Rabia Anum also stood by her side.

yumna zaidi

Dua Malik’s take on Fatima Sohail:

dua malik's take on mohsin abbas

In past Mohsin abbas also talked about his anger issues in His interview on Bol channel. However his action is highly condemnable and cannot be justified.

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