MDCAT test candidates held for using unfair means 2023

More than 90% of the candidates were caught using unfair means during the MDCAT test 2023. This time they were all using Bluetooth devices to cheat. This device was not for free or cheap it cost the candidates 80,000 Rs initially and if they pass they have to pay the supplier 40 Lakh rupees. This article will cover the cheating mechanism and the dilemma of the corrupt practices in the country.

Bluetooth devices used for cheating

How MDCAT test devices work for cheating:

The candidate upon heavy payment to the scammer received two cards which were faked as ATM cards. The quality of this device was very high. the candidate had Bluetooth headphones which they placed in their ear, that headphone was so small that it seemed impossible to catch it. Headphones were then connected to the Bluetooth devices which were made so thin as to duplicate an ATM card. The scammer would then tell all the answers to the candidates in their ear.

The corrupt system:

The corrupt system of mafias operating inside our institutions and the lack of checks and balances lead to this sort of scandal. The energy could have been used to prepare the students for the MDCAT tests rather than spoon-feeding them with the answers. Only for some money does the country have to suffer. This is the reason why our degrees are not acceptable in any other country. This is the reason other countries are not preferring doctors from Pakistan in their countries.

MDCAT test 2023

The government needs to take action:

Pakistani really need to think about improving the merit system and education system if they have to save the nation from failing, otherwise, these degrees will be bogus and will lose all their credibility. There must be proper checks and balances in place so that no one as an individual can even think of leaking the exam and the scammers like these must be cut off from the system.

Similar attention needs to be given to the board exams in Sindh, Punjab at the metric level as well. Every year the news of cheats circulates on the local media and International media.

The criminals must be brought to justice and must be given a punishment that others fear for the rest of their lives.

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