Beautiful Long shirt and frock designs 2022

Our celebrities are the trendsetters in Pakistani Fashion. They choose to wear very intricately designed dresses made by very renowned fashion designers. Other girls design them and copy them. Every girl has her own unique way of carrying long shirts. This article mainly focuses on summing up the most beautiful long shirt and frock designs. You can tell us the ways you style in with your long shirts. Here are some popular long shirt and frock designs.

beautiful long frocks and maxi designs

There are two types of long shirts. One is below knee length and the other one is full maxi style their length reaches the feet. Long dresses are also very popular in frock styles also. Pakistani girls look really elegant when they wear long frocks.

You don’t either look too fat and at the same time, you don’t look slim when you put your frock on. It hides your body fat and if you are slim its flair will cover you.


long and shirts

Long dresses if dressed on a point will make you look taller, elegant, and prettier.


Teen girls and girls in their 20s can easily wear long maxi-style frocks at weddings as well as at school and college events. these frocks need not to have any heavy embroidery just plain frock is enough to give you any type of look.

ladies dress designing ideas

These frocks serve two main purposes first it gives a very vibrantly elegant look and secondly it enhances your personality adding a very intricate traditional look to your personality.


These frocks can be worn both at casual events as well as formal events. Frocks need not consume all your budget hence they are very budget-friendly also add a very expensive look.

beautiful long frocks and maxi designs

Frocks are quite often paired with Jhumki’s or Bali complete. Flat but big earrings that are not too expensive.

jewelry designs for long frocks and shirts

To complete the look girls most commonly wear them with khussa’s and if you want a little height you can wear them with pointed pumps.

beautiful frock designs

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