Latest Ranking of Mobile Operators in Pakistan

The telecom industry in Pakistan is blooming day by day. A survey published in July on PTA website has unveiled drastic increase in cellular subscribers of Pakistan that has crossed 150 Million mark. In this article we have presented the latest ranking of mobile operators in Pakistan.

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Cheap & Improved internet speeds offered by the cellular operators has shift the trend and it seems that broadband (fixed line) subscribers will soon be outnumbered by the 3G & 4G users.

Following is operator wiz bifurcation of cellular users :

OperatorSubscribers in July 2018 (Million)Subscribers in 2017 (Million)% Increase

Mobilink still has the highest share in Cellular market followed by Telenor, Zong and Ufone in sequence. If we compare July stats with last year; Ufone and Zong were successful in adding more users into their pool.

Operators Ranking based on 3G and 4G users :

If we rank these operators on 3G and 4 G basis the game is bit different. Jazz is still leading the show followed by Zong with 17 Million subscribers. It seems that the dark era for Ufone is over and the company is now regaining its lost momentum (Ufone lost almost 3 million subscribers from 2016 to 2017)

OperatorSubscribers in July 2018 (Million)Subscribers in 2017 (Million)% Increase

Future of Landline :

It is pertinent to note that the landline users count in Pakistan is on continuous decline which is probably due to the introduction of cheap off net packages by Cellar operators. As per the latest survey the current landline subscriber count is around 2.6 Million, almost half of what it used to be back in 2005.

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