Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends 2018

Pakistani culture is very rich when it comes to women dressing. We have lehengas , ghararas, shararas ,shalwar kameez and most decent of them all frocks. Pakistani women look adorable and very decent in these traditional frocks. These frocks comes in various cuts and designs. Some of them are long length while others are very short length with maximum flair. Some of these frocks are heavily embroidered while others are not embroidered or printed at all.

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Young girls are very commonly seen wearing these frocks making their own statement of elegance. Most unmarried girls opt for no embroidery and no print frocks with maximum flair and length. Although this year the designers introduced short above knee length of frocks which was accompanied by either trousers or bell bottoms. Frocks having just a fat lace on the border and sleeves are mostly preferred by celebrities and young traditional girls.

These frocks are mostly accompanied by decent looking chandi or artificial jhumkas and pink lipsticks are mostly preferred to look younger and fresh. Girls with long hair wear jura while girls with small hair let their hair open. Churidar sleeves look exceptionally beautiful and gives them statement style.

Lehenga designs and Pakistan Fashion week 2018

Frocks are considered very trendy and traditional dress. Women of all ages wear frocks. Frocks are worn both formally and casually. Anyone who wants to dress elegantly in a semi-formal gathering can opt for frocks. Pakistani and Indian cultures are full of unique designs of frocks.

Celebrities as well as young girls opt for frocks when they want to look decent and elegant. Frocks are often accompanied by khussa and churidar pajamas. Black, white, dark blue, shocking pink are the colors in which all skin tone girls look fair and elegant.


Long length of frocks mostly have embroidered or printed yolk and embroidered or printed border. Fitted sleeves are preferred most commonly. Long length of frocks is usually worn in evening and night time functions. 2017 was mostly the year for long length of frocks.

pakistani long frocks


These celebrities choose to wear these beautiful frocks on various award functions which makes them their statement style. Fitted sleeves and flared frocks gave them a very elegant yet traditional look. they also chose to wear jura which also gave them subtle look.

pakistani frocks


These celebrities chose to wear them on eid and weddings. The simpler the beautiful. eastern beauty is enhanced when it comes to frocks. If you want to wear it simple choose a darker colour.



Short length of frocks are being prefered by women of all ages. short frocks looks good with either fitted pants or trousers and to compliment it a neat and tight high pony is in fashion these days. these too look good with jhumkas or small tops. Girls are choosing short length of frocks in their daily wear. Office girls or university student are choosing short length of frocks in their daily routine as it gives maximum comfort and traditional look.

These short frocks look really nice , decent and up to the mark when they are worn with a high pony. High heels or khussas both look equally good with these frocks. It you want to wear it in a function then you can choose to wear them with high heels and if you are wearing these frocks in daily wear then khussas look absolutely wow.

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pakistani short frocks for girls


These frocks are the talk of town these days. Everybody is wearing short length of frocks with trousers and fitted pants. Frocks above knee length are accompanied by smart fitted pajamas or bell bottom pants. Girls experiment short frock with or without dubbatta. The frocks are usually flairy and slightly fitted from the yolk. Light jewellery is often preferred which compliments well with the traditional looks. These earings may be jhumkas or itsy bitsy sized tops.

Pakistani latest Fashion Gharara and Sharara 2018

Open hair are preferred with jhumkas. Even if its a wedding or a small function people prefer to wear short frocks.

latest pakistani party wear dresses 2018



These Indo-Pak top celebrities chose to wear frocks in casual wear. They are looking absolutely chic in these traditional frocks.

casual pakistani dresses

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