Fly Jinnah tickets and bookings

Pakistanis were anxiously waiting for another low fair airline. Due to the current wave of inflation its has become almost impossible to travel by air. The air line was advertised and claimed to be low fair domestic carrier. People were looking forward for Fly Jinnah to start its operations. This article will cover the Fly Jinnah tickets and bookings. This airline is expected to be most affordable in terms of domestic travel. Fly Jinnah has announced its tickets and bookings which will start from November 1 ,2022.

The initial flights will depart from Karachi to Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore. Fly Jinnah is a result of collaboration between Lakson Group and Air Arabia. Fly Jinnah has acquired A320 and a 200. The Head office will be based in Karachi and will operate twice daily towards other cities.

  • Fly Jinnah Booking methods:

Fly Jinnah will book its flights like other air lines. It has set up an app for online and prompt bookings which we can download from Play store. The booking offices is another way for booking the flights and to date the most effective one. People can also book the flights from their website. You can either book a round trip or one way any using any of these apps.

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  • Fly Jinnah Online booking:

We can book it online by the app where the user will collect points and bonuses as well. you can book tickets through their website also.

  • Fly Jinnah Ticket prices and Fares:

fly Jinnah tickets and prices

The air carrier has announced its fares for domestic flights which are slightly reasonable as compared to other but yet not much big of a price difference.

Fly Jinnah has announced a flat rate of 13,999 Rs for almost all its destinations. This is the fare for one way travelling. No matter where you are going to the fare remains the same.

  • Fly Jinnah Licenses:

Fly Jinnah has acquired licences from Air Operator Certificate (A.O.C) and Air Operating License (A.O.L) earlier this month.

  • Baggage allowance in Fly Jinnah:

Fly Jinnah is offering free 10 kg hand bag allowance and free in flight entertainment. Which means you can freely carry baggage without worrying.

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