Fly Jinnah | The new Airline in Pakistan

Fly Jinnah | The new Airline in Pakistan

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has issued a license to a new airline in 2020. The airline is named Fly Jinnah and is a joint venture between the Lakson group and Air Arabia. Initially, Fly Jinnah will work on a national level. Air Arabia is Internationally acclaimed which is famous for its low cost and competitive fares and will be a very interesting addition to the Pakistan Airlines Industry.

Air Arabia in Pakistan

This new Airline will prove to be a very successful addition to Pakistan’s Aviation Industry. As claimed by its owners it will be a low-cost carrier which will be a very good alternative to its customers.

Logo Of Fly Jinnah

The airline has launched its visual identity. Fly Jinnah will be written in red color the carrier will be in white. This logo is almost similar to FLY Arabia.

Fly Jinnah in Pakistan

Views of Chairmen:

air arabia and fly dubaiSheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman of Air Arabia, said: “We are delighted at Air Arabia Group to partner with Lakson Group on this joint venture to launch Pakistan’s new low-cost carrier. We are confident that “Fly Jinnah” will add value to the air transport sector of Pakistan and directly contribute to the local economy through job creation and the development of the travel and tourism sector. We thank Lakson Group and the Government of Pakistan for their trust and we look forward to working hand in hand to develop the new airline, which will serve as a new value-for-money air travel option for the country.”

chairman fly JinnahIqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman of Fly Jinnah, said: “The reveal of ‘Fly Jinnah’s’ visual identity was chosen carefully to reflect the evolution and progression of aviation needs in Pakistan.”

“‘Fly Jinnah’ will not only serve Pakistan’s aviation industry, but it also aims to contribute to the country’s infrastructure, tourism, business travel, and the creation of new jobs. Fly Jinnah will be a catalyst to the country’s economic growth,” he added.

Why is Air Arabia popular in the world?

Air Arabia is internationally famous for its low-cost fares and International standards of services. The people of Pakistan deserve the same standards and prices. The competition in Pakistan will be high. If they give low fares and good services as they have promised people will prefer them over the others.


The Headquarters of Fly Jinnah will be based initially in Karachi Pakistan and further, it will expand its operations domestically.

Karachi airportLicense Type Issued by CAA:

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has issued License under the category of Regular Public Transport (RPT) license for passenger and cargo flights.

civil aviation authority


Recruitment for the new airline is undergoing. Its website is still under construction.

new air line launch

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Operation Startup

The airline is set to begin its operation in 2023. People are anxiously waiting for the new airline.

fly jinnah launch

It will be a very good addition to the country’s current airlines. If the fares are competitive people will immediately shift towards Fly Jinnah. People prefer to travel in an airline which is cost-friendly and has good services. The other existing Airline like Air Blue and Air Sarene will have to lower the prices and increase the experience quality as well. In this competitive era, this Airline is much awaited.

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