Famous Pakistani weddings of the year 2018

Year 2018 has been the year of weddings and festivities for pakistani celebrities. Many famous celebrities tied knot this year. not only the celebrities but also the Prime Minister of Pakistan also tie knot this year in an intimate ceremony.

Wedding is the most important event in everybody’s life so all the celebrities made it sure that they had a grand celebration of this event. Pakistani drama industry is blooming day by day and hence the people following it are also increasing. As soon as any celebrity announces that they are going to tie a knot so it becomes the talk of town immediately.

so here is the list offamous Pakistani weddings of the year 2018

Imran Khan And Bushra Manika:

The prime minister of pakistan Imran Khan tied knot with Bushra Manika on 18 feb 2018 in a very intimate ceremony where only a few friends were invited. Media was informed after the wedding. Initially the captain kept it a secret but then he announced after a few days of his wedding. The news became the talk of town immediately and remained on the top of the news for more than two weeks.

imran khan wedding

Major Uqbah and Ayesha Khan:

Major uqbah is the first Pakistani who is appointed to teach the young royal cadets. Ayesha khan is the most gorgeous and famous celebrities in Pakistan. She is also among the most highly paid actresses. Ayesha khan announced retirement from the industry immediately after her wedding. She will still be remembered in the industry. Their wedding was very well celebrated in the industry and her fans. it was a huge event in which all the stars were invited as guests. they tied knot in April 2018.

ayesha khan and major uqbah

Feroz Khan and Alizay Feroz :

Feroz Khan tied knot with Alezay Feroz in March 2018. Feroz Khan’s drama Kahaani was on air and was breaking all the major records on T.V. He was the latest crush of many young girls. Soon after the news of his wedding was released by the family. His wedding was also celebrated by all the industry be it the film industry or television. his wedding was also a huge star stud event. His sisters Dua Malik and Humaima Malik made it sure that the event was flawless.

feroz khan wedding

Aleezay Tahir And Arsalan Ahmed:

Aleezay Tahir is among good actresses in Pakistan and is a very renowned face. She appeared in various popular dramas. Despite of being so young she has made her name in the industry by her good work.

pakistani actoresses

Sara Razi Khan and Sumair:

This October Sara Razi Khan and Sumair tied knot in a very intimate ceremony. They also invited lots of guests from the industry.

sara razi khan

Saman Ansari and Tauseef Khan:

A very renowned face from the industry Saman Ansari tied knot with Tauseef Khan. Saman Ansari is also a very familiar face from the blockbuster drama serial Khaani.

pakistani actoresses

Faiza saleem and Abuzer:

Faiza Saleem and Abuzer tied knot at the end of the year. She earned fame from her youtube channel. Faiza is a UK based comedian. Her wedding broke all the stereotype weddings.

faiza saleem wedding

Aiman Khan and MuneebButt:

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt had the most celebrated wedding of the year. Every celebrity attended their wedding. Everyone looked awesome at their wedding. The festivities almost touched two weeks. A high budget and High profile wedding. The couple is now celebrating their honeymoon abroad. Both faced lots of criticism on their wedding as it was considered as lavish wedding.

muneeb butt wedding pictures

Amir Liaquat and Tooba Siddiqui:

A very controversial personality had a very controversial wedding this year. Internet was bombarded with negative comments for these two and generated a grand debate on social media. Reason for all this outrage was that Amir Liaquat celebrated his second wedding without the permission of his family and leaked his pictures on social media. His family also dragged him on social media and expressed all there feelings on social media. Amir didn’t look back at any of this and carried on with his second marriage.

2nd wedding of amir liaquat

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