Empty Cricket stadium an eye opener for India

Men’s World Cup 2023 has started and is the most awaited event of this year. People book tickets in advance and the stadiums are booked at their maximum capacity. This year the World Cup started despite all the tensions between India and Pakistan. The match between England and New Zealand was played as the opening match people were considering a jam-packed energy stadium. This match was an eye-opener for the world as there was literally an empty stadium.

According to media reports, there were only three to four thousand spectators at the start of the inaugural match between England and New Zealand.

It was reported earlier in Indian media that terrorists have threatened to attack matches in the city, raising fears about the safety of players and cricket fans.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the match went on. The cricketers adapted to the silence, showing remarkable professionalism and resilience. They understood the importance of their roles as ambassadors of the sport, bringing it to millions of homes around the world.

The empty stadium in the first match of the Cricket World Cup serves as a symbol of the resilience of cricket and the world at large. It was a reminder that even in challenging times, the spirit of the game endures. Cricket will continue to thrive, drawing strength from its passionate fans who eagerly await the day when stadiums once again reverberate with their cheers.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

Cricket World Cups are supposed to be grand spectacles, a carnival of the sport where nations come together to compete for the highest honor in the game. The atmosphere inside the stadiums has always been electric, with fans donning their team colors, waving flags, and chanting slogans.

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