eid azha

Every year Muslims of the world celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-adha. It is obligatory on all the financially established Muslims to sacrifice a part in a cow or a full goat in the name of Allah. In Pakistan also Eid-ul-adha is celebrated with full spirit every year. Keeping this in view there are a lot of goats, cows and camel slaughtered by the people of Pakistan. Some do this by themselves while others take the services of Qasai’s.

These qasai’s gives their services on the cost of good chunk money which the owner of the animal has to pay. Here in Pakistan there are a lot of seasonal qasai’s. These qasai’s pop out every year just for earning money. They are not professional qasai’s but they do something else in the rest of the year. As they are not trained hence they do a lot of mistakes in cutting the meat and at the time of qurbani.

The videos of such type of qasai’s gets viral each year. Due to lack of training they make qurbani a lot difficult.

Here is a compilation of videos uploaded on YouTube. We don’t own these videos but they are just compiled for you.















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