Develop Book Reading Habit In Your Child

The importance of reading cannot be denied. It is very important to develop book reading habit in your child from a very early stage. Here we have presented some techniques that can help develop book reading habit in your child.

Read to your child, the right way!

Reading has long been considered as of the most psychologically and physically rewarding activity. Extensive research has shown that you can start reading to your child as soon as he is born. The best way to read to your child might be at night, but you can read to him/ her anytime and anywhere. You just need to snuggle up close, Wrap an arm around your kid and open up the book. Very soon, this reading time will develop into a “bonding time”, which not only your child will cherish but rather will become a time for you to relax as well after a tiring day. Your child might later associate this time with the happiest memories he/ she will have of his childhood.

You can make your child absolutely love reading by following these simple practices:

  • Read aloud to your child, but make sure that the child remains equally engaged.
  • Keep asking questions related to the story.
  • Let the child turn over the pages so that he will feel part of this “reading session” even if he might not be able to read.
  • Remember to run your finger along the words while reading so the child will start recognizing some of the common words.
  • Talk about the pictures as well.
  • Choose books that are colorful and may have different textures.
  • Encourage the child to talk about the pictures.
  • “Lift the flap” books are an interesting option for your toddler as they encourage engagement and keep the kid interested.
  • Moderate the tone and pitch of your voice while reading a book involving different characters. Associate each character with a different tone.
  • While narrating a story, laugh, sound angry or even sleepy along with the characters. This will help your child learn the different emotions.

Here are a few recommended books that will definitely spark your child’s love for reading:

  • “That’s not my” .. series book from Usborne.
  • Are you there .. little Elephant Usborne little peep through books.

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  • Nature sounds play book
  • Baby’s very first noisy book .. Trains
  • Panda in the Park Usborne look through books.
  • Fairy tea Party by Jamie Michalak
  • Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake
  • Disney’s Pooh’s Early- to-Bed and Early-to- Rise Hum
  • Disney’s One, Two. Pooh’s looking for you
  • If I were a Fairy by Janet Sacks.0.

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