Colic Home Remedies For Pakistani Moms


Sometimes your baby starts to cry without any known reason .He doesn’t seem hungry and the reason is unknown then your kid might be colic.  The baby who is happy otherwise starts to cry uncontrollably. This happens in kids usually less than 5 months. Colic is not a disease it’s just stomach ache in kids which is unbearable for the kids this small and so they cry.


If you have changed the diaper of your baby, if he has taken sufficient amount of feed and  is not sleepy as well but still he is crying this means he is having a colic trouble. The baby won’t stop crying no matter what you do.

Your baby may start to cry at a louder pitch than usual uncontrollably, he is restless. Also you may notice gas bubbles running through his little tummy if you touch his tummy. As I am a mother of two I tell you it’s a night mare for parents. If you know the right kind of remedies for colic you can treat it without getting panicked.



Massage your baby with Luke warm oilve oil specially on the tummy area and lightly press downwards.

Gripe water:

Give some gripe water to your kid.

Colic Drops:

If your baby is colic instantly give him colic drops, they are available over the colic is one brand you can go for any other brand. Make sure you read the instructions on the box of the drops. They have to be given very carefully without any negligence. Over dose of colic drops may be life threatening.

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