Celebrity approved Saree looks in Pakistan 2020

Sari has been in fashion since any one can remember. It is considered as a symbol of true elegance and delicacy among asian women. Sari is mostly the dress worn by women in Subcontinent( Bangladesh, India, Pakistan). This dress is generally worn on specific occasions such as weddings and any other formal gatherings. Sari offers variety of designs depending upon the event you are wearing it.

Pakistani women mostly choose to wear sari as it looks very elegant and sets them apart from other ladies in the event because not all women wear it. This statement is also true for our beloved Pakistani celebrities. The events such as musical nights and semi formal events.

Mahira Khan

Our very own Mahira Khan never fails to mesmerise us with her elegant and chic sense of style.She always pulls together each and every look she experiments with immense grace and attitude . She as been a diva in this industry who surely has her own sense of style and always sticks to being elegant. Miss Khan has chosen to wear Saree on various occasions. Mahira mostly chose to wear very elegant and embroidery free sari .

mahira khan in saree

Mahira sure loves sari and we all love her in sari too.

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Hira Mani:

Very few celebrities try to experiment on saree. Hira Mani is a slightly new addition to our drama industry but she has proved to be a huge success. Mrs. Mani has a very unique sense of style and she looks adorable in Saree. She is a very talented actress we wish her very best for the future.

hira mani in saree

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Naimal Khawar Khan:

Naimal Khawar earned immense fame from the drama serial Anna. Her chemistry with Usman Mukhtar still left the viewers in love with this onscreen couple. Naimal later married Hamza Ali Abbasi putting an end to being actor. Her sense of style still mesmerises her followers. She also wears saree with elegance.

naimal khawar in saree

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other celebrities who wore saree best are Ayesha Omer,Hina Altaf, Sonia Hussain all of them won our hearts and aced through it.

pakistani celebrities in saree 2020

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