The Social Media Couple – Amir and Faryal

Always on the news this couple has something new all the time. From there baby’s birthday to their fights as a couple their relationship is always a talk of town. To some people this is a publicity stunt and to others they are a famous celebrity couple so why not they deserve to be the talk of town. Whatever the reason may be but it’s really working out for them great.

They are always on the top of the news and other social media. They themselves flood the media with their relationship news all the time and social media loves it. The question is what’s going on with these two? Why are they and their relationship so important for social media as well as the news channel? Each day new scandals and rumors spread throughout the media. Be it their baby daughter’s birth to her birthday celebrations or the famous fight between the two, our media goes crazy for them.

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Amir Khan has recently filed a divorce from his wife Faryal Makhdoom. This couple had been married for four years. This has been a roller coaster ride for both of them. They have spent good and bad time’s together following with the fights with Faryal’s in-laws on several issues. Her in-laws taunted her on her appearance and comparing her to Michal Jackson after her plastic surgery. She also accused her in-laws of torturing her. After that Amir controlled his parents and Faryal from bringing family issues out in public forums. Amir Khan was so upset of all this that he dismissed his father from his management. Earlier this August they had a fight on social media after which Faryal tried to back fire saying that her twitter I.D was hacked but Amir Khan refused it. With that their fights continued and many people intervened to fix the issues between them but all vague. Now Amir Khan has finally filed a divorce from his wife.

However we still can’t predict that what’s going to be the end of this fight. Let’s all hope for the best to happen for them.

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